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Friday, October 29, 2010

Be Part of Churp-Churp today!

coretan Atin at 11:15 AM
hye u ols. just now i had become a churp-churp member! weeeyuuu...
its great ha. for your information churp-churp is the sister of nuffnang. not sure whether same dad or mom! just take it both.=)
oh, where i get to know this churp-churp? u guys remember the cute icon like cutie bird as i circle up there in nuffnang site?ha, this morning i just wanna found out what is actually this cute-cute icon.
then i click there, and just read through about the site and other things. wallah! then i register to become churper! Hoyeh2! so, u guys! hurry up, follow me join and become a churper.

WHY? what is the benefits?

ok, let me get clear with this.
1. from churper, u will get paid same as nuffnang! but the advertisement through tweeter and facebook. they pay u as their some kind of worker that will update about their ad. 
2. u will be given assignment. u may choose several assignment per week. i choose 5 per week only. for starter right. it depends on u! when they give the assignment, u need to finish it in order to get paid.
3. the registration fee is FREE!!!
4. on the dashboard, there are also basic earning same as nuffnang. but we only can cash out when our earning is 100 and above. clear?
5. from here, we also can get new friends. share information and knowledge with others!
6. a lot exciting contest with great prizes to grab. for example, now churp-churp is running a blog contest especially for a cute blogger like u and the ten creative entry will get...(drum sound)..RM100!!
this is my account for example
One thing that  i would like to suggest for churp-churp is to organize an exciting activities for the members like gathering with activities that the members will have a chance to meet the team behind the churp-churp! to get to know and close with them. Not only certain members will be invited. I hope all the members!

so guys, what are u waiting for? hurry up!become churper and spread the love!

for more iformation about the churp-churp and the contest [click here]
the contest time frame is 25th October – 25th November 2010
only for registered churper only not blogger without churper!

2 omelan yang prihatin on "Be Part of Churp-Churp today!"

NiZaM on October 29, 2010 at 2:47 PM said... [Reply]

eh!.. aku xnk komen chupa chup tu.. tapi aku terperasan pengomentop tu... hahaha.... 17+4 = 21... hurmmmm


Atin on October 29, 2010 at 11:06 PM said... [Reply]

yelah2..ko kan pengomen tegar.. nnti aku wat contest pengomen terbanyak! mau nggak?

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